Postcode Palaver

Coming up with a name for this blog (and its companion Twitter page) wasn’t easy. I knew what I wanted the focus of the blog to be, but I didn’t its remit to be too narrow. Nor, on the other hand, did I want it to be too diffuse.

Jettisoned more-or-less immediately was the idea of giving precedence to names that would assist with search engine rankings (Search Engine Optimization, to those in the know). This concept seemed to me to to be something of a sellout and a case of the tail wagging the dog. In any case, I wasn’t particularly bothered by the thought of the blog being a slow-burner. I liked the idea of it growing organically, rather than as a result of pandering to an algorithm.

I also wanted to avoid anything that had already been used elsewhere or that felt too plagiaristic, which, in conjunction with the other criteria, narrowed my options quite considerably.

When the name NG and Beyond finally surfaced from the old grey matter, it wasn’t exactly a eureka moment, but it felt like the right fit. The Nottingham (and Nottinghamshire) connection was there, it seemed original, it wasn’t too obvious or bland and it afforded some leeway for the dipping of toes into non-Notts matters.

One doubt surfaced, though. In my mind, I’d automatically connected the NG postcode area with the county of Nottinghamshire, but I had a nagging awareness that things weren’t actually quite that simple.

Even a cursory look at the NG postcode map confirms that the boundary of the NG postcode area differs quite substantially in some respects from that of the county of Nottinghamshire – in particular a huge bulge eastwards into south-west Lincolnshire.

As well as Lincolnshire, the NG postcode area also extends into parts of Derbyshire and Leicestershire, while Nottinghamshire itself has to put up with cheeky incursions not only from Derby (DE) and Leicester (LE), but also from Doncaster (DN) and Sheffield (S).

Not a perfect moniker, then, but one that ticks most of the boxes. I think it’s fair to say that most people would generally identify the NG postcode with the county of Nottinghamshire and, in any case, some of the landscape features that I’m interested in – railways, rivers and canals, for example – often aren’t any great respectors of boundaries either.

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