Distancing by Default

‘I find industrial cities exciting. I like their toughness.’

Zaha Hadid

Nottingham isn’t quite so tough these days, following the demise of so many of its industrial concerns. Arthur Seaton would barely recognise some parts of the city. But there are a few light industrial estates dotted around here and there, and they are a source of fascination to me.

The industrial area closest to where I live has become a location that I’ve started to visit more frequently of late, and I like to visit it out of hours. There are three main reasons for this:

1. Once everyone has packed up and gone home, it is like a ghost town. Thus, it is possible for me to indulge the fantasy that I am the last person left alive in a post-apocalyptic world.

2. I can nose around and take photos to my heart’s content, without being questioned by burly gentlemen in boiler suits.

3. Social distancing. In Sainsbury’s, I can almost guarantee that some gormless individual will contravene the two-metre-distance rule while I am seeking bananas that have attained an acceptable level of ripeness. But the industrial estate outside of working hours? Glorious isolation.

A business park after hours will serve the same purpose.

Just don’t all turn up at once.

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